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Talia's is a staple in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It has been there forever, is dependable, is always packed, has live music, and is a great bet Motzei Shabbos.  The menu contains American, continental, and steakhouse favorites, with a few Israeli dishes mixed into the array.  The restaurant offers outdoor seating for most of the summer, and even has a large awning in case of rain.  Inside, there is a nice bar and a spot in the back for a musician to play live music.

Menu highlights include the Grilled Prime Rib for Two, which is a thick cut of prime meat, aged, and served on a sizzling platter.  Make sure you order it more rare than you would normally enjoy it as it does continue to cook once it is served.  Nevertheless, the fat and marbling is excellent to the extent that the continuation of the cooking does not dry out the meat.

The prices are somewhat reasonable given the huge portions and high quality dishes.  However, to really get a bang for your buck, seek out one of their online group-buying discounts (which are almost always available, and have been for years).

While many places in the Upper West Side come and go, you can expect Talia's to be around well into the future.   


Menu (as of September, 2018):



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Fresh Hot Pita Triangles with Basil Sauce and Garlic Margarine:


Combo Platter:


Buffalo Wings:


Middle Eastern Salad Platter:


French Fries:


Onion Rings:


BBQ Spare Ribs:


Grilled Rib Eye with Mashed Potatoes:


Cucumber Lime Martini:


Cadillac Margarita:


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