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Despite its name which suggests that it is casual and serves pastrami sandwiches (i.e. "Deli"), Kahn Famous Deli is one of Paris's most high-end, properly executed, and hip French Bistro-style restaurants.  Located alongside the gorgeous Place du Marechal Juin in Paris's 17th Arrondisment, the restaurant's facade (which is somewhat understated) doesn't prepare you for what's inside: an elegant bar and suit-clad waiters welcoming diners into a large back dining room with an elegant purple-lit dome with dark tables and plush velvet seating.  The daily scene involves a young and good-looking crowd (not unlike many of Paris's best kosher restaurants).  Make sure to reserve, as the restaurant will certainly be packed from the moment it opens at 7:30pm until midnight.

While the experience is absolutely top-notch, the highlight at Kahn is the food itself.  The menu contains all of the French Bistro classics, and they're done with such perfection that Kahn is able to elevate itself beyond the dozens of other (all pretty good or better) kosher French Bistro-style spots around the city.  The bone marrow appetizer was one of the best dishes I've ever tasted in my life, served piping hot out of the broiler with crunchy salt crystals and a rich sauce Bordelaise (that I saved for the frites because the marrow was too succulent and flavorful to combine with a separate powerful flavor).  The foie gras was also done to such a degree of perfection that I had to eat an unusually high number of very small bites just to ensure it lasted as long as possible.

The service was a great compliment to the food and ambiance.  The waiters were clearly excited by seeing me enjoy my experience and sought to go above-and-beyond to make sure that it was memorable.

Kahn is highly recommended in a city where there is so much good it is hard to distinguish greater from great.

Menu (as of January, 2019):



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Olives and Roasted Peanuts (placed on the table with drinks):


Crispy French Baguette: 


 L'os a Moelle Au Four (Roasted Marrow Bones with Salt Crystals, Toast, and Sauce Bordelaise):


Tournedos Rossini (Steak topped with Foie Gras) with Frites:

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