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Kokoriko is Paris's premier Rotisserie - where they specialize in the most succulent, juicy, and flavorful bird around.  The chicken is so good and the skin is so rich and crisp that these merits alone would make Kokoriko a viable choice for a night out; however, there is even more to Kokoriko.

Generally just another great option within Paris's 17th Arrondisment, Kokoriko does stand alone when it comes to the late night dining contingent.  It remains open during the week until at least midnight, so if you're hungry late, this never falls short.  The restaurant is large, with a massive outdoor seating area that is open, enclosed, and heated in the winter.  The crowd during any night of the week is young, good looking, and looking for a fun evening with good food.  The staff are friendly and make you feel at home while you dine.  In fact, some of the waiters even say l'chaim with the guests when they serve them drinks from the fully-stocked bar.

In summary: come for the chicken, but stay for the long list of other factors that make this place a fun Paris night out.


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