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Aryeh's Kitchen is a gem in the middle of Nashville.  As a trendy food truck that parks on the campus of Vanderbilt University and is run by the university Chabad-on-Campus, Aryeh's raises the bar for kosher food not just for students, but for all those in Nashville.  They started in 2016 and got off to a rocky start, but have come back with renewed energy through their integration with the Chabad team.

The menu is not large, but is fun, innovative, and tasty.  The portions are large and the prices are low - perfect for the student appetite and budget.  The line to order and pay typically extends all the way down the street, and its customers are not just Jewish students.  The experience is good enough to attract the masses.

One word of caution: when you type the name into the Uber app, it directs you to where the truck parks overnight.  Make sure you visit them on the Vanderbilt campus to catch them when they're open!  


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