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Casablanca sounds like the name of a Moroccan restaurant.  While this place certainly serves its fair share of Moroccan dishes, its diverse menu makes it unique, as it actually serves some dishes that are not seen at other kosher restaurants.  The most interesting part of the menu: the Greek dishes, including Spinach Pie, Gyros, and Moussaka. 

This restaurant is located in a nondescript strip mall off of the main drag in Metarie, Louisisna, which is about twenty minutes by car from the French Quarter.  It doesn't sound or appear like it will be anything special, but it really is.  The food is good and tasty.  The restaurant has a fancy ambiance that is a pleasant surprise considering that New Orleans only has a few kosher outposts (most cities with such a limited number of kosher choices don't have something so fancy).  It is nice that the kosher-eating tourist in a city that is so well-known for its food gets on opportunity here at Casablanca to have a nice, elegant night out.

This place is a definite highlight of any time spent in New Orleans, and is worth the trek out to the suburbs.


Menu (as of September, 2018):



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Fresh Hot Pita:


Spinach Pie Pyramids: 


Crispy Tilapia:

Dinner Salad:

Beef Gyro with French Fries:

Moussaka with French Fries:

Chocolate Mousse Cake:



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