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Kosher Grill is a great way to end a busy day in Orlando.  It is designed for the Orlando vacationer: great for kids, extensive menu, huge portions, and a convenient location.  The service and food quality is better than you'd expect for a restaurant that doesn't need to build a longstanding relationship with its customers (because they're rarely frequent repeaters).  The crowds can be difficult to navigate through during prime vacation weeks, but otherwise, it is easy to get a table and even easier to order food to go.

The Israeli dishes are the best bets on the menu.  The hummus was very fresh and smooth and the toppings were hot and flavorful.  The french fries were also a highlight: very crispy on the outside, but soft and hot on the inside. 

The location is within a strip mall right off of International Drive near the entrance to Universal Studios.  However, it is worth the fifteen or twenty minute drive from Disney too.


Menu (as of December, 2018):



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Mushroom Hummus with Fresh Pitas: 


Caesar Salad: 

 Chicken Wings:


Hot Dog with French Fries:


Schnitzel Burger with French Fries:


House Burger with French Fries:

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