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Hummus Bar is a recent entrant to the "Kosher Hub" in Golders Green.  While the name suggests that it will be a typical Israeli hummus joint, this place is far from typical.  Mixed in with the classic Israeli dishes (which are done with a modern twist and tons of flavor) are some excellent Asian Fusion menu items, including Bao Buns and Thai Green Curry.

It is regularly packed with happy diners, so reservations are necessary during prime time for dinner.  It is not huge either, so getting a table is something that is no easy feat.  The bar is well-stocked, and the staff knows how to show its customers a great time.  For no reason other than to make us happy, our waiter showed up at our table with a beer "on the house".  

 This spot is highly recommended for any night out in London.


Menu (as of January, 2019):



Restaurant Photos:





















Food Photos:

Pita served with the Hummus: 


Hummus with Salt Beef:


Hummus with Falafel:


Zucchini Salad:


Green Chicken Curry Tempura:


Chicken Wings:


Classic Burger:




Side of French Fries:

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