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 Nona Bakery & Pizzeria is a new addition (as of March, 2019) to the Surfside / Bal Harbour Harding Avenue Kosher strip.  It compliments an existing line-up of great kosher restaurants with an Israeli-style bakery and pizza shop.  Note that upon opening, Nona was known as NOMA, but changed its name after two months.

The bakery items include both sweet and savory (cookies, pastries, cakes, breads, bagels, challahs, and burekas).  The Pizza come served on a thicker-than-usual crust, and is served by the slice or whole-pie.  The crust is doughy and crunchy - it is not typical NYC style, but instead is the type of pizza you'd eat on the streets of Tel Aviv.

The burekas come in a long list of varieties, including both cheesy and parve.  

There's not much seating in the store, but there are quite a few counter seats in addition to three small tables-for-two.


Menu (as of March, 2019):



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