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Mocha Burger is a New York City burger spot that has been able to stick around (and even expand) in a market that is somewhat over-saturated.  One contributing factor is that their burgers are very tasty - and consistent (the latter is sometimes very hard to find among its competitors).  They began as a rare kosher outpost in the NYU neighborhood, and then expanded to a second location in the Upper East Side.  Both are sit-down with waiter service, but they also do a massive take-out and delivery business.

The menu is fairly large for a burger joint, but don't get too distracted.  Stick to the basics: the grass-fed burger patties are juicy and flavorful.  They do the typical toppings for the most part; however, they stand-out in that they use Daiya dairy-free cheese to offer customers an authentic cheese burger - something that more kosher restaurants should add to menus.  The buns are always very fresh, and properly given a bit of steam before the burger is served.

The salads are a good option too - as long as you top them with a burger.  The appetizer selection is aligned with what you typically see at a burger place - they have wings, chili, and more.  The wings were crispy and not very greasy - both good traits.  However, their "MB Buffalo" sauce was not a classic Buffalo Sauce, and was more along the lines of a slightly spicy BBQ sauce (sweet and sticky).  While it was tasty, it was far from as good as the original.  The Poutine was topped with a similar sauce (not a gravy, as is standard in Poutine dishes), and was put under the broiler with Daiya dairy-free cheddar cheese shreds (which did not resemble at-all the cheese curds that appear in the standard Poutine dish).  The concoction was good (and their fries are just absolutely excellent), but really shouldn't be called Poutine (unless a really good explanation is provided in the menu).


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MB Classic with Cheese for Delivery:

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