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Kasbah is an Upper West Side staple.  From its humble beginnings as Deli Kasbah, it has evolved into a high quality steakhouse and more - now known as Kasbah BBQ & Grill.  Its Lubavtich theme is unique in the restaurant world, and its signature - "give a vort, and get a free desert" promotion still inspires its diners to learn some torah.  The food is absolutely delicious, and the screens showing footage of the Rebbe's farbrengens and 1970s Lag B'Omer parades in Crown Heights top off the experience.

The meal at Kasbah begins with a descent a half a flight of stairs below street level off of Broadway on 85th.  The smell is the first thing that catches your attention, and then you can turn and feast your eyes on their dry aging lockers, where they do the in-house dry aging of their USDA Prime cuts of beef.  Once seated, they bring you a portion (on the house) of their cole slaw and pickles - deli style.  Then, you open the menu to find reams of great appetizers, sizzling meat dishes, including the dry aged steaks, sandwiches, burgers, and sushi.  The menu's highlight is the King Moshiach Rib Eye - a 30 once cut served on the bone.  Back in the early 2010s, this steak was the best deal in kosher restaurants - it was $48 including two side dishes.  However, the price has now been increased to the mid $80s, which is probably still a good deal, but not the steal it used to be.

The appetizers are not to be missed.  Buffalo wings are crispy and tossed in a true-flavor Buffalo sauce.  The Rumaki (Pastrami wrapped chicken doused in BBQ sauce) is another famous Kasbah treat.

The steaks are out of this world.  It is rare in the kosher world to see house dry aged USDA Prime meats on a menu, and at Kasbah, not only do they sell this meat, but they know how to sear in the flavor on the broiler.  While many of their side dishes are notable (including mashed potatoes topped with carmelized onions), you must go with the french fries just to be able to dip them in the garlic and basil mayo that they serve on each table.  It is divine.


Menu (as of March, 2019):



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Cole Slaw and Pickles (free on the table):


Salmon and Seaweed Poke Bowl:


Mixed Fish Poke Bowl:


Small Mediterranean Salad Plate:



Chicken Wings with Spicy Hot Sauce:




Classic Burger:


Pastrami on Rye:


Chicken Steak topped with Pastrami on a Garlic Club:


Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs:


Chimichurri Filet Steak:


Soft Grilled Chicken Tacos:


Mashed Potatoes:


French Fries:


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