Tierra Sur at the Herzog Winery

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Tierra Sur is the elegant restaurant located onsite at the Herzog Winery in Oxnard, California.  A visit to the off-the-beaten-path restaurant is a fun and unique experience, and one where you can enjoy some delicious dishes complimented with high-end service and ambiance. 

Although the winery doesn't provide the vineyard experience that many have in mind (there is no vineyard anywhere near the winery - in fact, most of their grapes are grown up in Napa, etc.), it still provides for a fun day (or night) trip from Los Angeles to a different setting.

The menu has a lot of interesting dishes, and some of the items change seasonally.

One highlight is the tasting bar adjacent to the restaurant - a great place to spend an hour or two before your meal.


Menu (as of September, 2017):



 Restaurant Photos:



 Food Photos:

2016 Baron Herzog Chardonnay:


Bread with Fresh Garlic Olive Oil:


Lamb Chorizo con Huevo:


Wood Fire Grill Salmon:


Duo of Duck:


Coffee & Donuts:


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