Miami Marlins Kosher Korner

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Kosher Korner at Marlins Park is a fully functional kosher concession stand at the ball park.  Although there is a lot of kosher food available across Major League Baseball, this is actually one of the only concession stands that is built-in, under strict hashgacha, and has true cooking equipment, including a grill, steamer, and deep fryer.  While a lot of ball parks offer hot dogs, this concession also has items like french fries, chicken tenders, and burgers.  They even have kosher nachos with a parve cheese dip.

Right in front of Kosher Korner, they have a minyan at every weekday evening game.

In front of the stand is a toppings bar which is not under the hashgacha of the concession stand.  However, they generally have kosher ketchup and mustard with a hechsher.

There is nothing better than watching a game with a kosher dog!


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