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Karne is one of the newest restaurants on the Miami scene as of June, 2019.  They have moved into the large space in the Waterways shopping center in Aventura that used to be occupied (through early 2019) by Fuego.  And, their business model is not all that different from Fuego's.  Like Fuego (in its prior iteration in this space), Karne has a menu that includes sports bar appetizers, grilled meats, burgers, and sushi, only serves wine and beer (no liquor), takes advantage of the large outdoor seating area, and tries to cater to both families on vacation in addition to adults out for a nice dinner.  However, unlike Fuego, Karne does a better job on a number of fronts: better service, more reasonable menu prices, and (at least since they've opened, which has been during the quiet summer months) has not lost itself in the sea of annoying tourist families.

Our first experience was very enjoyable: attentive and friendly wait staff, constant refills of water, explanations of menu items, tasty and fresh food, appropriate menu prices.  The Pinchos de Pollo were a great menu item when ordered with Black Beans and Plantains to experience the restaurant's Latin influence.  The burgers were juicy and beefy, too.  The chicken wings came out crunchy and were doused in Buffalo sauce that had the correct flavor (real buffalo - vinegar, pepper, and fat - and not some honey bbq that they erroneously call Buffalo).  However, they do need to do a better job with feather removal (as is a problem in a lot of South Florida establishments).

South Florida did not need another place like this (there are already a lot of casual restaurants that serve sports bar appetizers, grilled meats, burgers, and sushi).  However, this place is better than the average, and with its desirable location, it is certainly worth selecting for your night out. 


Menu (as of July, 2019):



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Chicken Wings with Spicy Buffalo Sauce:


Children's Menu Hamburger:


Pinchos de Pollo with a side of Black Beans and Plantains:


Karne Burger with a side of French Fries:


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