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Lula by Darna is Panama's top restaurant, in a market with a disproportionately large (relative to the population) of high quality kosher restaurants.  You would have to know in advance that this place is kosher, given the fact that it appears to be just like any other hot / popular restaurant in this city which is known for food and nightlife.  The clientele includes a large segment on people who do not normally eat kosher, but dine at Lula because it is such a great spot.  

The food is delicious.  It is a classic meat-oriented menu, with steaks, etc., but has a lot of menu items that contain a Latin flair to give you a taste for the local culture - Panama is truly a melting pot of people from all around South and Central America.  The highlight of our meal was the Tuetano - two piping hot, rich marrow bones which were roasted and then served with a cold and sweet beet salad and little triangles of toast.  We also enjoyed the fried corn empanadas, stuffed with chicken and spices.  The desserts, which change regularly, were another highlight - huge portions for sharing.

The ambiance was top-notch.  You enter alongside a huge bar adjacent to the windows facing the street.  It is dimly lit, and this creates a feeling like the restaurant and the bar expand right out onto the sidewalk - this is appealing given the fact that it is located in a neighborhood with a cool and hip vibe.  The tables are located in the interior, and face walls with exposed brick.

This restaurant is a truly excellent culinary experience.  It is not only a worthwhile meal when in Panama, but it is truly a top reason to visit Panama.


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