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Hilel Sports & Grill is a gem within the gem that is Panama.  It is a true sports bar experience, complete with the atmosphere, screens, food, and bar menu.  It is a fun night out to watch a game or match, or simply for a good, casual dinner with friends or family.

The restaurant is bright and modern, with large glass windows and a pretty large outdoor patio with a number of tables.  Panama can be very hot, but on the right evening, dining outside can be very pleasant at Hillel.

The food is really tasty, reasonably-priced, and served in large portions.  With a menu that boasts the classic sports bar fare (i.e. wings, sliders, popcorn chicken, burgers), it is the ideal spot when you need that type of fix.  However, taking advantage of its location in the crossroads of Latin America, they have a number of menu items from across the region, including Argentinian meats, Mexican tacos, fajitas, and chili con carne, and Corvina fish from the South American Pacific Coast.  They even have a massive selection of sushi and other Japanese-inspired appetizers.  Everything is delicious.

As a spot that serves tourists and the local community alike, it is important to note that in some years, Hilel opens for Pesach. 

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