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Fish Grill is one of our favorite restaurants in the world, and is a highlight of any time in Los Angeles.  Even though they have three locations across the area (Beverly, Pico, and Malibu), the one to go to is in Malibu.  Rarely are kosher restaurants located in such areas - outside of the Jewish neighborhood, and right in the heart of a gorgeous beach town.  And, this location is right on the beach.  It is literally a seaside fish shack - and is probably the only kosher place like this anywhere in the world.  Malibu is a special day trip, and this restaurant is a big part of the reason.  The place is so gorgeous and the food is so fresh and appealing that the crowd is often unaware that it is a kosher spot.

The food is excellent.  You can choose from a long list of fish - and they stick it right on the grill and serve it to you fresh with some lemon and a side of cole slaw or french fries.  They also have some other menu items, including fish angel hair pasta, sandwiches, and fried fish.  


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