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Dixie BBQ is a new addition to the Miami scene.  Located in North Miami Beach, not too far from the former Blaze location, this restaurant fills a fast-food gap left by the departure of Blaze, but is (by all measures) a much better option.  The place is fun - with a crave-worthy menu, outdoor picnic tables, and parve milkshakes.  Despite its "BBQ" name, there is no BBQ on the menu; it is a fried chicken joint, with a menu that is complimented with burgers and dogs.  No visit is complete without fried chicken, but you should certainly try a few of the appetizers (e.g. Dirty Fries) and maybe a burger or two.  

Because the place is good and new, it gets very crowded, especially during times of the year when the New Yorkers/Montrealers/etc. come down en masse.  It is a counter-service place where you wait on line to order and then take your food to a table, so make sure to get there early if you want no wait.  However, the fried chicken is so good and crispy that a wait would be worthwhile anyway. 


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