The Sabra Restaurant

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The Sabra Restaurant is the premier restaurant in the Hong Kong JCC on Robinson Road.  It is located in the same complex as the Ohel Leah Synagogue and the Robinson Place apartment buildings.  It is one of the top restaurants in all of Asia in terms of dining experience and food.  The JCC is also unique in Asia, and this center is a worthwhile visit in conjunction with a meal for a trip to the kosher supermarket or the synagogue building.

When you arrive, there is a great deal of security.  Be prepared to show passports or Hong Kong ID and to answer questions about why you are there.  Typically, they ask if you know any community members - if you do not, it is fine, but be prepared for this.  Once you pass security, you enter the JCC complex and have to take an elevator to the restaurant.  The entrance to the restaurant is nice, and the space, itself is large, well decorated, and a pleasant place to have a meal.  There are a lot of tables, so there's sufficient room even if it is crowded (which it often is).

The menu is an eclectic mix of Israeli, Continental, and Chinese foods.  All are prepared nicely and certainly exceed the average culinary standard for kosher in Asia.  The Chinese dishes are limited in number and not all that authentic considering you're in Hong Kong - this could be improved to cater more to the kosher diner who is interested in experiencing some local food.


Menu (as of April, 2016):



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 Food Photos:

Bread (put on the table for every meal):


Cajun Spiced Wings:

Pad Thai: 


Sichuan Minced Chicken:


Sizzling Fajitas:

New York Chocolate and Nut Brownie:

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