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UPDATE: as of June, 2018, MEX Grill is no longer kosher.  We are very disappointing by this change, and would welcome them back to the kosher world as soon as possible!

MEX Grill in Sunny Isles is one of our favorite restaurants around the globe.  This place delivers on so many fronts: the food is awesome, it is pretty unique (cuisine-wise) in the kosher world, the management seeks to keep you happy, the prices are great, and did I mention the food is awesome?  Recently rebranded as MEX Grill from its former branding of Mexico Bravo Cantina and Grill, the place has a new menu (with most of the same dishes as the old menu), but has retained all that we have always loved about it.  For any trip to anywhere near Miami, this spot is a must-eat. 

Long ago in the restaurant's history, it was a non-kosher joint serving Mexican food.  When it switched to its current kosher state (under the KM), they made every effort to keep all of the food as authentic as possible.  While the place it meat, they have retained many of the dairy-based dishes and ingredients via the use of substitutes (which in the present day with all of our food technology, don't even taste like substitutes).  They are heavy users of Daiya-brand cheese and parve sour cream - both of which really enhance the tastes and textures of the foods.  Why these types of products are not more widely used in meat restaurants remains a mystery to me; nevertheless, I know when I want them, I go to eat at MEX.  To this day, there's nothing strikingly "kosher" about the place and a lot of non-kosher eaters frequent the place without even knowing it is kosher.  Also, given the fact that as a meat restaurant it is dairy-free, it too attracts the diary-free crowd.

The place is large and can accommodate larger groups and parties.  Given its size, it is less likely to have a wait during any of the peak Miami tourist months, so it is a good option then too.  Outside, they have a couple of tables, and we prefer to dine this way when the tables are available.  While it is adjacent to a not-so-attractive parking lot (so the view isn't a positive quality), eating outside with the breeze off of the beach is very pleasant.

In addition to dining-in, MEX does very good takeout (although not all dishes are conducive to take-out, so order with caution).  A highlight is their Shabbat takeout (for which there is a secret menu - call up to find details), which is reasonably priced and they typically give extras.  Make sure to try the Mexican Gefilte Fish.

To reiterate: we love this restaurant and would not suggest missing it.


Menu (as of April, 2018):




Restaurant Photos:


 Food Photos:

Homemade Tortilla Chips and Salsa (unlimited and free for every table):


Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas served with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream: 



Nachos Grande with Chili, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Melted Cheese, Sour Cream, and Pico de Gallo:


Mexican Flag Echiladas with Shredded Chicken topped with Salsa Verde, Mole, and Ranchero:


Beef Chimichanga served with Refried Beans, Mexican Rice, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream:


Chicken Fajitas served on a Sizzling Plate:


Childrens' Menu Chicken Burrito with Mexican Rice:


Frozen Margarita (double size):


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