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Ba"Ghetto is a Roman-style meat restaurant located in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome, right on Via del Portico d'Ottavia.  It's sister restaurant, Ba"Ghetto Milky is located nearby.  This restaurant is a highlight of any trip to Rome.  Great food, elegant but fun ambiance, and a true Jewish- Roman experience.  For centuries, the Jews of Rome have been a major force of influence when it comes to food, and Ba"Ghetto represents the best of this.  

The restaurant is typically very crowded, and attracts locals and tourists alike.  The diners are usually a cross section of people; it is not the type of kosher restaurant that attracts and all-Jewish crowd.  Reservations are very much encouraged.  

The menu is expansive, and the chef generally offers a few specials each night that are not on the menu.  The result is that there is a lot from which to choose.  The homemade pastas were notably doughy and flavorful.  And, the meat dishes were cooked perfectly.

Don't forget to leave room for desert.  Even though parve gelato is available down the street, it is worth indulging in Ba"Ghetto tiramisu.


Menu (as of April, 2018):



Restaurant Photos:


 Food Photos:

Fresh Crusty Bread on the Table:


Mixed Cold Cuts: 

Mezzemaniche with Wild Mushrooms and Sausage:

Spaghetti Carbonara:

Chicken Escalope with Lemon Sauce:

Veal Osso Buco with Peas (special):

Sauteed Spinach:


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