Levy's of Hollywood

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Levy's of Hollywood is a down-to-earth place in Hollywood, Florida, which is more frequented by locals than by tourists (making it unique in the area).  The service is excellent and friendly, the food is delicious and consistent, the pricing is reasonable, the portions are huge, and the Chocolate Babka is renowned.  The only problem is that the place isn't bigger to accommodate the crowds; make sure to come early or else you'll have to wait. 

Make sure you try the french fries; and ask for them extra crispy.  The schnitzel and shwarma are both the best in the area.

Menu (as of May, 2018):



Restaurant Photos:


 Food Photos:

Deli Counter:

Salad Bar included with the meals: 

Shwarma Plate:

Grilled Chicken Plate:

Schnitzel Plate:

Basic Hamburger (other options on menu have toppings to add to this):

Rice and Beans Side Dish:

French Fries:

Chocolate Babka (one order serves about six people!):

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