El Pasaje

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El Pasaje is a highlight of any Buenos Aires itinerary.  While it doesn't quite have the local hole-in-the-wall atmosphere of some of its peers in Buenos Aires, the food ranks up at the top of the list.  The meat, in particular, is of a very high degree of quality.  As with all grill establishments in Argentina, make sure you order your meat a little extra on the rare side to take full advantage of the beefy flavor and fat marbling.

The restaurant is right next to one of the big Chabad Houses in the city, and is in a very nice neighborhood with a lot of other kosher infrastructure.  It is adjacent to an enlarged sidewalk area, and has a large, covered outdoor seating area.  They have heat lamps, so this is a great place to dine even when the weather is chilly.

The menu is extensive, but if you're with enough people, don't miss the Parrillada Completa, which is served at your table on your own charcoal grill.  It is piled high with steaks, chorizo, chicken, sweetbreads, and gizzards.  As far as side dishes go, the Revuelto Gramajo is as good as it gets, with french fries sauteed with scrambled eggs and smokey bacon-like beef.

Wash it down with a cold Quilmes beer, and make sure to plan on a long after-dinner walk.


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