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McDonald's in Buenos Aires is a special treat, as the only kosher outlet of the fast-food giant located outside of Israel, and one of very few kosher chain restaurant stores anywhere in the world.  It is located in the Abasto Shopping Complex, and is up the escalators on the second-floor food court.  Be careful, as there are two McDonald's outlets in this food court: one that is kosher and one that is not.  

The menu at this outlet is limited compared to the non-kosher McDonald's locations, but they still have all of the favorites: Big Macs, Happy Meals, McNuggets, McChicken Sandwiches, and of course McDonald's Fries.  The menu shows that they also have parve McDonald's soft serve ice cream, but they've always been "out of it" every time I've visited.

The food is fresh-tasting, crispy, and delicious, and is a fun way to spend a meal in Buenos Aires.  Although it may seem strange to spend a meal at McDonald's in a city that has so many renowned kosher eateries, it is worth it for the novelty factor.  Also, most restaurants in the city don't even open for dinner until 8:00pm or 8:30pm, so if you ever need an early dinner, this is actually one of the only options.

Menu (as of June, 2017):



Restaurant Photos:


 Food Photos:

Two Extra-Value Meals - 20 Piece McNuggets and Big Mac:


Two Orders of McNuggets, a Burger, and a Happy Meal: 


 20 Piece McNuggets:

Big Mac:



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