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In the heart of one of Buenos Aires's most Jewish neighborhoods, on Tucuman Street, Al Galope is a world-renowned Argentinian-style grill that serves up some of the greatest food in the city (and up there with the greatest food in the world).  Although unassuming from the street, this restaurant consistently churns out excellent grilled meats that keep it packed with locals every day of the week.  Given that it is cash-only, come prepared - but don't go crazy - as the menu is extremely reasonably priced given the high quality of the food.

Start with some appetizers, but don't fill up too much.  The empanadas are delicious, especially when smothered in the homemade red chimichurri.  Also don't miss the revuelto gramajo (french fries, sauteed with smokey meat and scrambled eggs.

The main course is meat.  The Parrillada Especial "Al Galope" is a must - it comes with all of the meats on the menu, and is served on a hot charcoal grill placed in the center of the table.  Unless you are with a big party, get the half.  It is enough to feed a lot of people.

This place is such a treat.  Buen Provecho!  


Menu (as of June, 2017):



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Empanada and Chorizo Parrillero:




House Special Red Chimichurri:

Bife de Chorizo:

Papas Fritas a Caballo:

Papas Fritas Provenzal:

Revuelto Gramajo:

1/2 Parrillada Especial "Al Galope":


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