Pico Kosher Deli

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Pico Kosher Deli (or "PKD", as it is commonly called) is one of the only true heimishe kosher delis left anywhere in the world, and provides an opportunity to take a step back into the ashkenazi high-sodium and high-cholesterol (but extremely delicious) tradition right in the heart of Los Angeles.  Located on Pico surrounded by Persian hotspots, PKD is a staple in the area.  The food is tasty, portions are massive, waitstaff is abrasive (in a charming way) - all of what you could hope for in a deli.  If you were blind-folded and placed in the center of this restaurant, you'd think you were in NYC.

The seating area is tiny (about eight tables in total) and gets very crowded, so you may need to wait.  They also do a huge takeout business, the deli counter is always a scene.  

Whatever you do, do not miss trying the pastrami.  


Menu (as of February, 2018):



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 Food Photos:

Matzoh Ball Soup:


Latkes with Apple Sauce: 


Deli Delight on Club with Pastrami, Cole Slaw, and Russian:


East Side Kosher Deli

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Denver is a beautiful city in the Rocky Mountains with a lot to see and do.  It has a large and vibrant Jewish community, with many institutions.  In this community, there is only one restaurant: the East Side Kosher Deli.  It is not, however, the type of place that lives up to the "at least we have one restaurant" mindset.  This place really succeeds in providing an excellent eating option to locals and tourists alike, serving expertly-prepared dishes that contain local and traditional flavors.

We sampled some of the dishes, including some of the Mexican dishes and Jewish dishes.  The staff was nice and friendly, and provided warm and attentive service.  

On the way out, we walked through the attached grocery store, where there is also a take-out deli counter which makes custom sandwiches.  


Menu (as of November, 2017):



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Fish Tacos:


Matzoh Ball Soup: 


 Huevos Rancheros:

Cobb Salad:

Skirt Steak:

French Fries:

MEX Grill

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UPDATE: as of June, 2018, MEX Grill is no longer kosher.  We are very disappointing by this change, and would welcome them back to the kosher world as soon as possible!

MEX Grill in Sunny Isles is one of our favorite restaurants around the globe.  This place delivers on so many fronts: the food is awesome, it is pretty unique (cuisine-wise) in the kosher world, the management seeks to keep you happy, the prices are great, and did I mention the food is awesome?  Recently rebranded as MEX Grill from its former branding of Mexico Bravo Cantina and Grill, the place has a new menu (with most of the same dishes as the old menu), but has retained all that we have always loved about it.  For any trip to anywhere near Miami, this spot is a must-eat. 

Long ago in the restaurant's history, it was a non-kosher joint serving Mexican food.  When it switched to its current kosher state (under the KM), they made every effort to keep all of the food as authentic as possible.  While the place it meat, they have retained many of the dairy-based dishes and ingredients via the use of substitutes (which in the present day with all of our food technology, don't even taste like substitutes).  They are heavy users of Daiya-brand cheese and parve sour cream - both of which really enhance the tastes and textures of the foods.  Why these types of products are not more widely used in meat restaurants remains a mystery to me; nevertheless, I know when I want them, I go to eat at MEX.  To this day, there's nothing strikingly "kosher" about the place and a lot of non-kosher eaters frequent the place without even knowing it is kosher.  Also, given the fact that as a meat restaurant it is dairy-free, it too attracts the diary-free crowd.

The place is large and can accommodate larger groups and parties.  Given its size, it is less likely to have a wait during any of the peak Miami tourist months, so it is a good option then too.  Outside, they have a couple of tables, and we prefer to dine this way when the tables are available.  While it is adjacent to a not-so-attractive parking lot (so the view isn't a positive quality), eating outside with the breeze off of the beach is very pleasant.

In addition to dining-in, MEX does very good takeout (although not all dishes are conducive to take-out, so order with caution).  A highlight is their Shabbat takeout (for which there is a secret menu - call up to find details), which is reasonably priced and they typically give extras.  Make sure to try the Mexican Gefilte Fish.

To reiterate: we love this restaurant and would not suggest missing it.


Menu (as of April, 2018):




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 Food Photos:

Homemade Tortilla Chips and Salsa (unlimited and free for every table):


Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas served with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream: 



Nachos Grande with Chili, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Melted Cheese, Sour Cream, and Pico de Gallo:


Mexican Flag Echiladas with Shredded Chicken topped with Salsa Verde, Mole, and Ranchero:


Beef Chimichanga served with Refried Beans, Mexican Rice, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream:


Chicken Fajitas served on a Sizzling Plate:


Childrens' Menu Chicken Burrito with Mexican Rice:


Frozen Margarita (double size):


Dixie BBQ

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Dixie BBQ is a new addition to the Miami scene.  Located in North Miami Beach, not too far from the former Blaze location, this restaurant fills a fast-food gap left by the departure of Blaze, but is (by all measures) a much better option.  The place is fun - with a crave-worthy menu, outdoor picnic tables, and parve milkshakes.  Despite its "BBQ" name, there is no BBQ on the menu; it is a fried chicken joint, with a menu that is complimented with burgers and dogs.  No visit is complete without fried chicken, but you should certainly try a few of the appetizers (e.g. Dirty Fries) and maybe a burger or two.  

Because the place is good and new, it gets very crowded, especially during times of the year when the New Yorkers/Montrealers/etc. come down en masse.  It is a counter-service place where you wait on line to order and then take your food to a table, so make sure to get there early if you want no wait.  However, the fried chicken is so good and crispy that a wait would be worthwhile anyway. 


Menu (as of March, 2018):



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Food Photos:

Dirty Fries:


Fried Chicken Wings: 



Fried Pickles and Chicken Fingers:


Classic Burger:

Fish Grill

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Fish Grill is one of our favorite restaurants in the world, and is a highlight of any time in Los Angeles.  Even though they have three locations across the area (Beverly, Pico, and Malibu), the one to go to is in Malibu.  Rarely are kosher restaurants located in such areas - outside of the Jewish neighborhood, and right in the heart of a gorgeous beach town.  And, this location is right on the beach.  It is literally a seaside fish shack - and is probably the only kosher place like this anywhere in the world.  Malibu is a special day trip, and this restaurant is a big part of the reason.  The place is so gorgeous and the food is so fresh and appealing that the crowd is often unaware that it is a kosher spot.

The food is excellent.  You can choose from a long list of fish - and they stick it right on the grill and serve it to you fresh with some lemon and a side of cole slaw or french fries.  They also have some other menu items, including fish angel hair pasta, sandwiches, and fried fish.  


Menu (as of April, 2018):


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Food Photos:

Grilled Sea Bass with Rice:


Fish and Chips: 


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