La Gondola

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La Gondola is one of the fanciest and most exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles.  It is located in a large space on the ground floor of an office building on Wilshire Boulevard, right in the heart of Beverly Hills.  Accessible by an elegant entrance facing the street, the restaurant opens to a sophisticated bar area, with the formal dining room in the back.  Reservations are absolutely required, and tables fill up in advance.  The crowd is young and good-looking.  While the food is certainly good, you don't go to this restaurant for a culinary experience; you go to see and be seen.  If you are making your decision solely based on food, you can find better and less expensive elsewhere.  However, if you're looking for a night out in Beverly Hills, this is a perfect choice.  That being said, the menu is expansive, the choices are interesting, and the portions are fair.


Menu (as of March, 2018):

Restaurant Photos:



Food Photos:




Warm Duck Salad:



Jambalaya Pasta:

Veal Milanese Chop:



Chocolate Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream:

Mexikosher (Los Angeles)

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UPDATE: Mexikosher in Los Angeles has closed in April, 2018.  However, it remains open in Manhattan, New York.

Mexikosher is a hip culinary/authentic Mexican spot on Pico in Los Angeles.  It was established by celebrity chef Katsuji Tanabe, and remains one of the very few kosher Mexican restaurants in the world and probably the most authentic.  It is a counter-service restaurant, where you order your food and then bring it to a table on a tray.  The ambiance is casual, and the prices reasonable (especially given the high quality ingredients). 


Menu (as of March, 2018):

Restaurant Photos:



Food Photos:

Tacos, Burrito, Taquitos, Rice and Beans, and an extra bowl of Cilantro:


Close-up on the Carnitas Tacos with Corn Salsa, Pickled Onions, and Lime:


Chicken Taquitos with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo:

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